Setting Sail

Before you can get underway on your new adventure there are a number of preparatory steps, choices and decisions to make and potentially quite a lot of work to do.  This section explores the early stages of our cruising experience in the hope you won't fall foul of some of the problems we encountered.


Early Decisions

The range, type and duration of your intended cruising will impact heavily on your choice of yacht.  The available funds to purchase the yacht and to cover your cruising life are also something to consider carefully before committing to anything.


Choosing Your Ideal Cruising Yacht

There is a almost inexhaustible supply of yachts available to suit all tastes, sizes and budgets.  This plethora of choice is in itself a major problem to sort through the chaffe to find that one yacht that is just right for you.   What do you look for?  Is one feature more important than another?  In this post I blend our early thoughts with experience gained through speaking with many long term cruisers over the years.


Fitting Out Your New Cruiser

So you've finally decided on the yacht and it's yours.  Yes!   You want to be off and away on the high seas, if not today then by tomorrow at the very latest.   However there are yet more decisions to make, alterations to do and money to spend.   Should you set off now and make do, or wait until everything is just perfect before venturing away from your home port?   Should you aim to do the alterations along the way?   I present some ideas on this dilemma in the following post.


Fitting Out Yourself and Your Crew

Don't forget yourself and your regular crew in the excitement of preparing the yacht.  However experienced you may be there is always more to learn and new options to put into your skills tool box.  You will, of course, pick up lots of experience along the way but a good grounding in basic seamanship is essential for everyone onboard and this is the ideal time to acquire those skills before you leave.